CEEC has launched ‘Keeping Faith’, an initiative designed to equip, empower, and resource evangelicals across the country to help the Church of England keep faith with its biblical inheritance and to reaffirm its current teaching on marriage and sexuality.

‘Keeping Faith’ has a dedicated page on the CEEC’s website (https://ceec.info/keepingfaith/) with resources to help you and your church get involved.

As part of Keeping Faith, we are asking evangelicals to do three things:

  1. Write to your bishops, as a matter of urgency, asking them to uphold the C of E’s current position and saying why you would not be able to welcome or accept an ‘accommodation’ (e.g. permission to affirm relationships outside of heterosexual marriage). There are tips and suggestions on the Keeping Faith webpage to help you draft a letter https://ceec.info/keepingfaith/
  2. Explore these matters in your church from a biblical viewpoint. See our collection of films on our Keeping Faith page, which will help you do this – https://ceec.info/resources/gods-beautiful-story/
  3. Have the ‘what if’ conversations in your PCCs and with your church leaders. What if change is approved by General Synod in 2023 – what will you do about it? Will there be a willingness in your church to ‘push back’? To see the CEEC position click https://ceec.info/keepingfaith/