CEEC warmly congratulates Rev Dr Rob Munro, Rector of Cheadle, Cheshire, on his appointment to the position of Bishop of Ebbsfleet

Dr Munro will have a special national ministry to parishes of a complementarian evangelical theology across England.

The father-of-three first came to faith as a teenager through the ministry of St Mary’s, Cheadle, the parish church in the Diocese of Chester, to which he would later return as Rector and has led for the last 19 years.

He will continue the ministry started by the Bishop of Maidstone, Rod Thomas, who retired in the autumn, providing extended episcopal oversight to parishes which, on the grounds of complementarian evangelical theology, are unable to receive the priestly or episcopal ministry of women.

Dr Munro said: “My prayer is to see the churches I am called to serve better contribute to the wider diversity of the Church, to more deeply express a sacrificial compassion in serving their local communities, and to build on the national Church of England vision to be simpler, humbler and bolder in a Church centred and shaped by Jesus Christ.

“The Church faces many challenges over the next few years, but it has a message that is a source of much-needed hope and joy. My hope is to help all who are called to bring that good news, to be good news as well!”