Built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ himself as the cornerstone. Ephesians 2:20

Evangelicals have always given generously to support the life and witness of local churches. However, the decision of the House of Bishops to walk away from an historic biblical understanding of sex and marriage is causing many evangelicals to review their giving to the Church of England.

If, in good conscience, you feel unable to continue personally giving to your bishop(s)/diocese via your PCC, the Ephesian Fund provides an alternative and is designed to help your giving go to local churches that are committed to biblical faith. The Ephesian Fund also provides PCCs with a way to give their parish share to the Diocese in support of similar churches.

Giving as an Individual

An Infographic explaining how supporting the Ephesian Fund work.

When making your gift to the Ephesian Fund (via the click box below), you will be asked how you would like your money to be allocated.

You can choose to give to (a) your local church or (b) another specified church/initiative or (c) the ‘general fund’.

In order to make an unrestricted gift – i.e. (c) above – please:

  • select the ‘general fund’ option in the drop down menu

In order to allocate your gift to a specific church/initiative, – i.e. to (a) or (b) above – please:

  • select the ‘specific parish/church’ option in the drop down menu and
  • provide further details in the ‘message’ box.

You can either give as a ‘guest’ or set up a regular direct debit with a Stewardship Giving Account or a Philanthropy Services Account

Notes: All eligible donations will be boosted by 25% Gift Aid, so the Ephesian Fund receives more each time you give. The Ephesian Fund is administered by Stewardship. See more on Stewardship’s administration fees here.

Gifts made to your local church/PCC via the Ephesian Fund can only be used to support churches/ministries endorsing the CEEC basis of faith and additional declarations (because of the charitable objectives of the Ephesian Fund). These gifts are not therefore available for unqualified payment of parish share (i.e. the PCC can only pass this money on to the diocese if it is assured that it will be used to support parishes endorsing the CEEC basis of faith and additional declarations). If you choose to give to the general fund, gifts will be allocated by the trustees to support mission and evangelism in churches around the country endorsing the CEEC basis of faith and additional declarations.

Giving as a PCC/Church

Churches can pay their voluntary parish share (also called ‘common fund’ or ‘diocesan quota’) via the Ephesian Fund.

The advantage of paying it this way is that the Ephesian Fund will require dioceses to allocate giving directed through the Fund to an incumbent/minister and/or a PCC that support the CEEC basis of faith. 

In order to make your gift:

1. Use the bank details below to make your gift, using ‘EF’ and the name of your church as a reference.

Bank – CAF Bank
Account Name – CEEC
​Sort Code – 40 52 40
Account number – 00020908

2. Once you have made the initial payment (or after setting up a Standing Order), please email the Ephesian Fund, to confirm this, including:

  • ‘Ephesian Fund gift’ and the name of your church in the subject line
  • Your contact details (email address and phone number)
  • The name of your church
  • The name of your village, town or city
  • Your diocese

PCCs/Churches can also make a gift to the general fund of the Ephesian Fund for the trustees to allocate to orthodox ministries within and beyond the donor’s diocese.

Please email the Ephesian Fund for further information.