What is the Church of England Evangelical Council?
Founded in 1960 by John Stott, CEEC has for over fifty years sought to bring together evangelicals in the Church of England. In recent years CEEC has reviewed and consulted widely on its structure and work. We have identified what we believe is needed at this time given the opportunities and challenges for evangelicals in the Church of England. In June 2014 CEEC approved a new constitution and appointed a new ​Chair and President.

Who are the CEEC leadership? 
The President of the Council is Julian Henderson, Bishop of Blackburn. The current Chairs are Rev Lis Goddard and Mr Ed Shaw.
The newly constituted Council met for the first time in January 2015 and appointed a group to take forward the vision through 2015.

What is the new CEEC vision and strategy? 
The CEEC’s  vision is that for mission and evangelism to flourish CEEC :

  • Should encourage and equip evangelicals in the Church of England to keep mission and evangelism as a  permanent priority,
  • Will facilitate biblical  teaching and  equipping,
  • Will advocate the presence and engagement of evangelicals in the  structures and life of the Church of England,
  • Will promote and pursue unity amongst evangelicals.

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