In December 2023 article, Nic Tall (Secretary of the General Synod Gender & Sexuality Group) wrote an article on the liberal blog ‘Via Media’ which argued that the Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) has been “Plotting the Division of the Church of England”.

While he documents some of the CEEC’s activity, Tall is selective with what he includes (and excludes) and positions the piece with a strong bias towards the revisionist agenda.

So in response to this, Revd Dr Andrew Goddard has written a piece from his personal perspective, which critiques Nic Tall’s article. Goddard concludes that it is the actions and further goals of Nic Tall and others, particularly when combined with a refusal to take seriously CEEC’s work on differentiation, that are more likely to bring about the very division of the Church of England, which he denounces.

Read the full article on Psephizo here.

Revd Dr Andrew Goddard is Assistant Minister, St James the Less, Pimlico, Tutor in Christian Ethics, Westminster Theological Centre(WTC) and Tutor in Ethics at Ridley Hall, Cambridge.  He is a member of the Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) and was a member of the Co-Ordinating Group of LLF and the subgroup looking at Pastoral Guidance.