CEEC has announced the appointment of Rev. Canon John Dunnett as its new National Director. Dunnett succeeds Bishop Keith Sinclair, whose two-year term came to an end at the end of April 2023 and who has now retired.

Dunnett assumed the role of National Director at the beginning of May 2023. He joined the CEEC in 2022 as Director of Strategy and Operations and previously was the General Director of Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS).

On his appointment, Rev. Canon John Dunnett, said: “I feel immensely privileged to take on this role at such a critical time for the Church of England. My passion is to see the gospel of Jesus shared with people from every background and from every corner of our nation. In order for this to happen, my prayer is for CEEC to contend for biblical orthodoxy in the Church of England and hold-fast to our historic teaching and doctrines.

“I want to extend a special and personal thanks to Bishop Keith Sinclair who has served the CEEC with great wisdom, strength, grace and humility through extremely choppy waters. In particular, I’m grateful for the tireless work he has done to personally support evangelicals across the country and encourage the creation and development of Diocesan Evangelical Fellowships in 40 of the 42 dioceses.”

Commenting on reaching the end of his term as National Director, Rt Rev. Keith Sinclair, said: “I cannot adequately express my thanks to God for everyone and the privilege of ‘standing side by side with one mind for the faith of the gospel’.  I have never known CEEC in all the years since I was a student rep at Cranmer Hall in 1983, when John Stott was still Chair of the evangelical constituency in the Church of England, being as united or as effective as it is now. ‘For such a time as this’ is a Scripture that has been on the lips of very many.”

Rev. Canon Dunnett will work alongside the staff team, volunteers from across the network, and the CEEC’s President, Bishop Julian Henderson, who will be taking on a more active role over the coming months, to further the vision of the organisation.

Rt Rev. Julian Henderson, President, CEEC, said: “At this time of significant challenge within the Church of England, I am pleased to be able to offer a greater level of support and work more closely with the National Director in serving and leading the CEEC as it contends for biblical truth.

“I would also like to express my thanks to God for the leadership Keith has given over many years in the Church of England but especially in these last two years with CEEC. We are so grateful.”