The internal debate amongst Church of England evangelicals is obviously well underway. We’re going to need oodles of wisdom and grace going forward.
Here are some tensions that I think we’re going to need to hold together in the coming season:

1. Not catastrophising about the obstacles ….but also being super clear about the powerful revisionist agenda that is driving  things.

2. Differentiating ourselves from revisionist bishops (and clergy)…but carefully navigating legal realities and obligations.

3. Contending fiercely for the truth….but also living in joy, hope and love.

4. Acting on conviction…but also seeking unity with other Anglican evangelicals who may not share all our convictions about how to contend.

5. Playing the long game….but pushing hard today against spiritual decline.

6. Giving our energy/time to practical and political strategies….but devoting ourselves to prayer for revival.

7. Staying within the institution to contend…but also listening humbly to the prodding critique of non C of E evangelicals.

8. Giving our attention to reforming the institution… but keeping evangelism and shepherding the flock front and centre.

9. Maintaining the exclusivity of the narrow way…. but also rejoicing with the angels at amazing grace.

10.  Knowing the importance of this season…but also knowing that we’re all just a little dust-like footnote in God’s eternal plan to bring glory to Jesus.