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CEEC has facilitated two provisions to support evangelicals as the challenges around the Living in Love and Faith (LLF) process continue. ‘We are here for you’ – read our blog post.


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LLF: What ‘reassurance’ needs to deliver

LLF: What ‘reassurance’ needs to deliver

"In recent weeks, I've had countless conversations with members of CEEC, General Synod, the Alliance and many others, and I've noticed widespread consensus about what the so called PLF ‘provision’ or ‘reassurance’ needs to deliver, should the House of Bishops proceed...

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LLF Update: Two things that look likely

LLF Update: Two things that look likely

National Director John Dunnett LLF Update 16 May 2024. The full transcript is below: There's a lot of water going under the Living in Love and Faith Bridge right now, including today, the 16th of May, a discussion at the House of Bishops. Whilst we do not know what...

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