CEEC has published a series of materials designed to help evangelical churches review, repent and reshape their cultures on the back of the recent Thirtyone:eight independent reviews into two prominent evangelical churches and their leaders.

The materials are both in response to the criticism and recommendations made by the review, and the subsequent wider reflections of a representative group of Anglican evangelical church leaders (women and men, younger and older, lay and ordained, conservative and charismatic, and survivors of abuse) convened by the CEEC.

The CEEC describes the materials as ‘first steps’ in helping local churches reflect on, lament and address ​existing and potential issues surrounding power and abuse.

​Review Questions – a resource for local church discussion

This new CEEC leaflet contains questions which are:
‘designed to bring hidden things to light and to lead to lament, repentance and a renewed senseof our need for God’s forgiveness and grace’

Introducing... IN LAMENT

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​Liturgy of Lament

This liturgy is intended to offer people the chance to express their sorrow and repentance in the light of abuses of power ​within evangelical churches.

They are accompanied by anonymised survivor accounts of abuse that took place in evangelical contexts.

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