Evangelicals in parishes the length and breadth of the Church of England are finding that their concerns regarding the trajectory of the Prayers of Love and Faith continue to grow.

For clergy, it’s the realisation that they might not be able to rely on their wardens and PCC for support should they decline to use the Prayers of Love and Faith.

For lay people, it’s the realisation that change is becoming a reality at the local level and if clergy can marry same-sex partners, then things could change very quickly beyond recognition.

And for those outside the Church of England, there is a real concern that if and when the Church of England allows clergy to marry same-sex partners, the ‘cover’ they have enjoyed as a result of the historic position of the Church of England might be lost to them.

The Church of England Evangelical Council has therefore made a promise: ‘We are here for you.’

CEEC is here for clergy in parishes across the country who want to hold on to a biblical understanding of gender, sexuality and marriage. CEEC is here for lay people who are concerned about the drift away from biblical teaching in the Church. CEEC is here for leaders of bishop’s mission orders, church planters and chaplains. CEEC is here for LGBTQI+ people who see the teaching of the bible as good news for all, regardless of one’s sexuality. CEEC is here for those who wish to teach biblical values in our theological colleges, mission agencies, and in the education sector. CEEC is here for the bishops who are holding fast to their consecration vows to teach and defend the apostolic faith.

  1. We are here to PRAY for you.

It is noticeable how often Paul mentions his own prayers for the churches that he is seeking to serve. He thanks God for them (e.g. Ephesians 1v16) and intercedes for them (e.g. Philippians 1v9). If you would like CEEC to pray specifically for you, please contact us through the ‘Contact CEEC’ web page.

  1. We are here to SPEAK UP for you

During the last couple of years, CEEC has communicated, both privately and publicly, our convictions regarding sex and marriage. We have written to the College and House of Bishops on a number of occasions; we have launched public petitions; we have represented you at national meetings; and we have held countless one-to-one conversations with significant General Synod individuals, national church institution members, and our archbishops. We have used our website and social media; we have written frequently in the church media, and occasionally in the secular (e.g. Radio 4). In 2024, we intend to continue being a voice for all those who feel they do not have a platform to share their convictions.

  1. We are here to ADVOCATE for you

As well as speaking up for you, we have been ‘pushing’ for you. We have been working through the normal Synodical channels to present the orthodox case. In 2023, we launched the ‘Compelled to Resist’ protest and, in 2024, we will offer extensive advice on how clergy and parishes can work out godly ways to disengage in their deanery and diocese from those who are pursuing a revisionist gospel.

  1. We are here MAKING PROVISION for you

Large numbers of people have said to us that they are on the point of leaving the Church of England. CEEC is keen that orthodox evangelicals should remain (at least for the moment) whilst we are seeking long-term, permanent and secure provision for orthodoxy in the Church of England. In order to help people stay, we have recently launched two provisions. Firstly, the Ephesian Fund, which enables lay people to give to their churches and PCCs to pay their parish share in such a way that giving is guaranteed to only be used in orthodox parishes. Secondly, we have begun to facilitate alternative spiritual oversight for clergy and PCCs who have lost spiritual confidence in the bishops in their diocese.

  1. We are here SEEKING A SECURE PLACE for you in the Church of England

Ever since the release of ‘The Beautiful Story’ (see here), CEEC has been consistently arguing that a change in the Church’s position on sex and marriage would necessitate a structural rearrangement of the Church of England for orthodoxy to flourish. The new lead bishops for the Prayers of Love and Faith project (the bishops of Leicester and Newcastle – now resigned) have publicly indicated the need for a settlement – CEEC is committed to ensuring that this settlement is permanent, structural and robust enough to secure orthodoxy for the long term.