We know that the Living in Love and Faith process has been painful, difficult, divisive for many of us in the Church of England. Many of you have told us that you cannot continue giving in good conscience to your bishop or diocese when the House of Bishops persists in walking away from an historic and biblical understanding of sex and marriage.

Many of you have told us that you now feel in impaired fellowship with your bishop as a result of their support for the prayers of love and faith. You have asked us ‘What can we at CEEC can do to support you and to help you remain at this time in the Church of England?’ Well, we’ve heard you. We understand your concerns.

We’re here to help you as you navigate these challenging times. That’s why we’ve created two provisions which address these very real concerns. So do have a look at our website to see details of our Alternative Spiritual Oversight and the Ephesians Fund. You can find details in the text below or on our website. www.ceec.info. We’re here for you.

Do join us in contending, please.